7 Plans & Designs for Creating a Potting Bench

[one_half]Want to make the gardener in your life happy? Build them a potting bench as this is a gardener’s best friend. There are many uses garden benches have from relaxing on in the sunshine to having a well-deserved break from gardening, so a potting bench is a perfect option to keep everything a gardener needs […]

Top 8 Workbench Plans That Are Easy to Build

[one_half]A large, flat surface is exactly what you need when woodworking or doing mechanical work. If you’re looking for tool reviews for your next tool investment, Click Here for a review of the 5 best plunge routers. Oftentimes, you’ll find that you don’t have the space needed to lay out a 2×4 and cut it […]

Top 8 Free Adriondack Chair Plans & Designs

It’s not always easy finding the right garden furniture. It can be tricky when you have an awkward space or a space that doesn’t get much light. However, there is always one chair style that fits in well with any garden landscape. Classic Adirondack chairs can often be found in backyards, providing a comfortable seat […]

Review: Is Husqvarna 445 Chainsaw Really Worth Buying?

[one_half]Husqvarna has really hit it home with the version 445. As you will find out, it is really practical. Click Here to jump directly to comparison with competition… This gas powered chain saw spans 18 inches and comes equipped with a 45.7cc engine backed with 2.8 horsepower. The best part is that this model is […]

9 Best Guides to Build Pergola with New Plans and Designs

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Top 8 Sources of Popular Woodworking Projects & Plans

[one_half]Most of us know that woodworking is fun and exciting. When you have a weekend to spare, there is a lot you can do that doesn’t involve sitting around the house. You can build studio sheds, decks, treehouses or dozens of other awesome items that will be a fully functioning part of your life. [/one_half] […]

Detailed Review of Husqvarna 435 With 16-Inch Bar

[one_half]The Husqvarna 435 is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 16-inch bar that’s powerful, lightweight and easy to start up. Click Here to jump directly to user feedback & experience… Backed by the quality the Husqvarna brand is known for, this saw boasts reduced exhaust emission. Not only that, producer is proud on its new anti-vibration […]