About Us

Hello dear visitor, in this page below you will be able to find something more about people who are behind this website, what main objectives do they want to achieve as well as ways how you can get in touch with us.

Who Is Working on This Website

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I am Bill Cookeres, working as a full time mechanic who has a lovely wife Stacy, three almost grown up children (Jim, Kate & Bill Jr.) and a dog called Betty.

In my free time I can be called a handyman who is daily doing various jobs and therefore I need a lot of tools.

Therefore, my garage looks like a workshop and a storage of various gadgets, machines and devices from a lot of brands.

What Is This Website All About

The LazyHandyman.com website was build after I was browsing for ideas on best tools for various uses.

Although I was able to find several places analyzing individual brands and models, I was still lacking one site that would offer nice and detailed reviews with comparison to other competing brands and models as well as some useful tips and tricks for usage of various manual as well as mechanic tools.

Therefore, I have decided to launch this project and include everything you want to know about following stuff:

  • Top Brands Worth Considering
  • Best Models From Various Categories Of Tools
  • Detailed & Comprehensive Reviews Of Individual Gadgets

How Can You Contact Me

Getting in touch with me is actually quite simple. Just send me an email to contact@lazyhandyman.com or fill out the contact form here – https://lazyhandyman.com/contact-us/.

Although I will usually respond to your emails and messages within time span of few hours, sometimes it may take me much longer (even days). Just be patient with me please. 🙂

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