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[one_half]Want to spend a summer night under the stars with a fire roaring and want to save your hard-earned money at the same time?

Fire pits allow you to safely start flames in your backyard without fear of catching grass or trees and thanks to this article you can easily build yours in no time! If you are thinking of creating your very own pit, you will also need to consider all of the safety aspects too. If you have small children around, it’s best to put a fence around the pit to stop them from getting too close, especially when there are no adults around. You should also have a well equipped first aid kit too and should have attended first aid training in Mississauga, or wherever you live, to ensure that you can handle any medical problems that could arise. Getting burns is obviously a large threat here so making sure you are equipped to deal with any type of burn is very important.

Aesthetically pleasing, these are in high demand, but the boring black models found in stores are often less than appealing! If you’re going to be building your own, you might also want to get a Dorset log store so you can keep your fire wood in burning condition through every season.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]Designs you will find in this post:

  1. Backyard model by DIY Network
  2. Concrete + steel version by Lowe겍
  3. Square stone pit by The Crafty Ninja
  4. In-ground design by Sharpe Creations
  5. Bricks version by Craftsman
  6. Budget plan by Mommy겍 Kitchen
  7. Masonry design by The Family Handyman
  8. Washing machine drum fire pit by House and Fig

[/one_half_last]If you feel like spending a weekend building your own, there are a lot of plans that will help you get started. Let萸 take a look at 8 DIY instructions and designs that are completely free.

1. Backyard Fire Pit Instruction by DIY Network (Free)

project from DIY Netwrok

If you want a rustic, beautiful stone design, these are the plans for you. The DIY Network is one of the best resources because:

  • They provided a step-by-step guide.
  • There are videos included to show you how to build your pit.

yellow plans button

You萸 l need some basics, such as capstones, firebrick and paver stones to get started. You萸 l also need screen board and ready-mix concrete. This pit will be a two day or more project simply because you need to wait for the concrete and other materials to fully dry. You might also want to buy some concrete sealer so you can apply it with a roller. This will prevent the concrete from expanding and contracting.

Keep in mind: When complete, you萸 l have a rocked area where you can setup chairs and kick back your feet while flames are burning.

2. Pit from Concrete Blocks & Steel Fire-Bowl by Lowe겍 (Free)

Lowe겍 backyard fireplace project

Do you have a Lowe萸 nearby? If so, you萸 l be able to create this model very quickly. The hardware store has plans that you萸 l be able to use to create a pit. This looks much like the previous desing, but there萸 a lot less work involved. However, you萸 l need to have a paver base!

yellow plans button

After this, you萸 l need concrete blocks and a steel bowl. This is placed on the paver base and then you萸 l set up your blocks in a circle before removing the top. Now, finish building your 4 brick high circle and place your fire bowl in the middle.

Keep in mind: Simple, yet functional. You萸쮍 now set to start your flames. The great part is that there萸 an accompanying video to walk you through all of the steps.

3. DIY Stone Square Version by The Crafty Ninja (Free)

The Crafty Ninja square firepit

Want a rustic look? The stone fire put by Crafty Ninja is a great choice. Square in shape, this version is very simple to build. You萸 l need some basics, such as:

  • Concrete
  • Refractory cement

yellow plans button

Keep in mind: This option requires you to cement your pit to a concrete floor. If you don萸 have one, you萸 l want to choose a different solution.

4. In The Ground Fire Pit by Sharpe Creations (Free)

Sharpe Crations inspirational fire pit

Sharpe Creations provides plans for a very cheap model that will cost less than $100 to complete. Its author used rocks from a mountain, so this may not be an option for you. These instructions are simple:

  • Dig a circular hole in the ground.
  • Build a rock wall.
  • Apply mortar.

yellow plans button

Keep in mind: This model also call for cement, but a lot of readers recommend FireClay. This is a very unique look and a design that is simply stunning.

5. Fire Pit from Bricks by Craftsman (Free)

Craftsman project image

Craftsman provides a medium difficulty plan that only requires bricks, sand, gravel, cap pieces, masonry adhesive and fireplace andiron. This plan will provide you with a square put. You萸 l first dig a 12-inch hole in the ground where you萸 l lay your initial brick-layer down.

yellow plans button

Then, you萸 l add gravel, air flow holes and build your brick walls as high as you see fit. The top of the pit has finished stones. Granite or another type can be used.

Pay attention: The only time that this plan may be difficult is if there are tree roots that need to be removed.

6. Budget Version by Mommy겍 Kitchen (Free)

simple fire pit by Mommy겍 Kitchen

So easy, mom can do it! If you萸쮍 on a budget, this is the best option for you. Much like our other solutions, this one will use a standard fire pit. The idea is simple: purchase a circular pit and build stones around it.

yellow plans button

Pay attention: This simple, yet effective construction is stunning and beautiful. Besides the metal bowl, you萸 l need landscaping bricks and wood for burning.

7. Circular Masonry Model by The Family Handyman (Free)

firepit by Family Handyman

The Family Handyman is a great resource simply because they break down everything for you: complexity, cost, tools, material, and of course, a step-by-step guide. Labeled as moderate complexity, required materials will cost you $100 – $500 in total.

yellow plans button

You萸 l be using cardboard form, concrete, rebar, fire & face bricks, refractory cement and mortar mix. Photos and tips are included to make building even easier. Ultimately, this project features a circular pit and is considered multi-day to complete.

8. Recycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Place by House And Fig (Free)

DIY fire pit

The final option on our list is also the most creative. A washing machine that萸 no longer in use will be needed for the job. While it will only cost you $10 to build this, you萸 l need a spare machine on hand or you萸 l have to find one at the junk yard to purchase.

yellow plans button

What you萸 l need is its drum and some steel legs or a base to put it on. The creator also paints and sands it, but this is all optional. Technically, you can place the drum itself on a concrete slab and you萸쮍 good to go.

Keep in mind: If you want a look that萸 more modern and provides a little flare to your backyard, this is a great model.

2 Extra Sources of Design Ideas & Inspiration

Sometimes, you just want a few ideas and inspirations to work off of to build your very own design. Truly, once you have the basic safety precautions in place, you can let your imagination run wild. The following two resources are great for ideas and inspiration.


DIY Cozy Home designs

DIY Cozy Home provides ideas for 33 different fire pits. From circular to in-the-ground or square, you萸 l find them all among this collection. There are even glass and tabletop models included within the collection.

yellow button click here

The best part is that there萸 links to learn more about each pit and see plans as well.


Houzz inspiration for firepits

Want inspiration? Houzz has over 59,000 photos of fire pits from across the globe. There are so many options available that you萸 l lose count along the way. There are also links to models that have been pre-built and can be purchased right on the site.

yellow button click here

Many of these designs have been created by professional masons, so you萸 l see the best-of-the-best within the collection. You萸 l also be able to find professionals to build a special pit on the site as well.

Our Conclusion

When it comes to fire pits, it萸 up to you to choose the right one for your yard. It萸 a weekend project to create yours, and it will take a little help from one of the eight plans above. Whether you want to use reflective fire glass or logs is totally up to you. Once you master the basics, you萸 l be able to create and construct one to your own liking with ease.

Through the ideas and inspirations we provided, you萸 l surely find something that catches your eye. The only word of caution is that you萸 l want to consult with your local fire department on the rules and regulations pertaining to specific pits and fire codes.

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