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Wooden garden sheds are the perfect space for him. Whether it houses tools, bikes or simply is filled with firewood, they are a functional space that will alleviate much of the storage seen in a house.

The best part is that you can make your own shed any time you want, and it doesn’t take too much work as long as you know the very basics of building ad have proper tools. You need to do a lot of research before you begin building a shed, such as learning how much gravel do i need for a shed foundation or how long it will take to build a shed. Building a shed can be hard but the rewards are huge. Some things are a necessity, whereas things like windows and guttering are optional. A lot of people don’t bother adding any gutters to their sheds, however they stop water running down the face of the building and thus keep it looking new for longer. If you do add gutters then make sure you find a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Colorado Springs CO who can clean them out regularly, or else they will leak onto the face of the building anyway.

What is more, if you can measure, cut wood and use a hammer, you will find that making your own wooden shed is rather simplistic.

[/one_half] [one_half_last]Models you will find in this post:

  1. Solar shed plans by Handy Home
  2. Storage design by The Classic Archives
  3. Instructions for garden model by Mitre 10
  4. Firewood storage design by Popular Mechanics
  5. Version for garden tools by HGTV
  6. Video instructions for a shed by DIY Network
  7. Free garden shack schemes by Betta Living
  8. Precise instructions & plan by Fine Homebuilding

[/one_half_last]The only thing you will need before running to the home improvement store is to find the right plans with the design you will love. Luckily, we will discuss 8 plans that will show you how to build it easily. Just pick one you like the most below.

Top 8 Sources of Easy-to-Build Free Shed Plans

1. 10×8 Phoenix Solar Shed: DIY Greenhouse by Handy Home

garden shed plans from Handy Home

Above the image we linked a page where you can see what your building will look like, but here are the actual plans. This is a decent sized model, measuring 10 x 8, that will allow you to store a variety of different items.

The pdf file spans over 70 pages in length, and it is very detailed. You will find a full list of materials you need to get started, and there isn’t much that can go wrong when following these exactly.
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Keep in mind: This is a beautiful finished product that can have insulation inside and will also have solar and windows that allow for natural sunlight to beam through.

2. Free Backyard Garden Storage Shed Plans by The Classic Archives

backyard garden shed by The Wood Plans

The perfect, no-frills building that comes with ample space and a flexible design. These plans can be adjusted to make a simple building of any size, but you may just want to follow the instructions provided if this is your first time building a structure. What is more, they are laid out all on one page and come with:

  • Instructions on building the floor.
  • Details on how to build the frame.
  • Instructions on construction of the roof.
  • Terrific range of pictures showing you an x-ray view of the building.
  • Full list of materials you will need to get started.

The best part is that this is a free plan from a company that sells some of the best premium plans in the industry. For a very easy to construct, sturdy shed, this is your best option.

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Keep in mind: This, however, will not include electric or some of the nice possibilities seen with the others on our list.

3. Build a Great Garden Shed by Mitre 10

screenshot of Mitre10 garden shed plan

It really doesn’t get much easier than the Mitre 10. This model features a DIY approach and even has a roof, but it is the simplest option possible: aluminum. If you want to construct your shed in a weekend and don’t mind the sound of rain hitting your aluminum roofed building, these are the plans for you.

What is more, it is also very cost-friendly, so keep that in mind. With these, you will find:

  • Full checklist of all the items needed.
  • 6 easy-to-follow steps to get it built.
  • Picture diagram to follow as well.

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The PDF even comes with a few tips that will make the job even easier. Here is the plan –

4. How to Build a Firewood Shed by Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics plan for firewood shed

Popular mechanics offers a printable version as well as an online version of their firewood shed plans. This is not a fully-housed building and will be much easier to complete than some of the other options on our list.

Meant for firewood, you will not be building walls, but you will be building a roof to cover your wood from the elements. The PDF version includes:

  • Materials list
  • Fastener schedule
  • A complete, lettered diagram
  • Shopping list

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I personally recommend printing this PDF file and following the slide show if you become confused. The PDF simply says, match part C to A, but it does not provide visuals that novice builders may need.

5. How to Build a Storage Shed for Garden Tools by HGTV

shed plan by HGTV

HGTV keeps things simple with this 4 x 10 shed. This model is meant for garden tools and is rather easy to construct. These plans include the following to help you get started:

  • A full list of tools and materials to get started.
  • A 7-step guide to follow to fully construct the building.

Although this building looks great with a door and roof included, it provides no lighting or windows.

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Keep in mind: This is your basic building, but is the ideal choice if you want a simple storage space that will be able to house tools and you feel like beginning your own weekend project to create it.

6. How to Build a Storage Shed by DIY Network

small garden shed plan by DIY Network

The DIY Network is the place to go for any project you think you can tackle on your own. The best part is that they show you how to build enough items that you can spend years creating awesome things in your home and never have to really worry about running out of something to do.

The storage shed plans they offer are top notch and include the following:

  • A list of all materials and tools you will need.
  • A 7-step plan to go from frame to completion.
  • Simple instructions for roofing.
  • Instructions on how to strengthen the frame.
  • How to add windows and siding.

The entire plan is also accompanied by a video to show you how to get started.

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Keep in mind: You will be able to complete this project in a couple of weekends and the time estimate given for completion is several weekends when tackling the project alone.

7. Garden Shed Plans by Betta Living

step by step plan for storage shed by Bettaliving

A basic, but very functional shed, that will more than suffice for all of your storage needs. This model includes a roof and a window for a bit of added comfort. The best part is that the plans are presented in the absolute easiest manner possible.

You will not have any issues following these, and they are presented as follows:

  • A full page on all the materials you will need.
  • Instructions on building the following: Concrete slab, frame creation, lifting the frame, adding the door and window and adding the roof.

The final page of this PDF file includes cladding options and discusses all of your options in great length.

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Keep in mind: For the first-time DIYer, these are probably the most thorough instructions for your basic building.

8. How to Build a Shed by Fine Homebuilding

amazing shed plan from Fine Homebuilding

This is an actual series where you will follow a professional homebuilder from start to finish when creating your shed. For in-depth instructions and a visual guide to follow through the whole entire process, this is a must-see. The series includes the following:

  • 3D plans.
  • A list of all materials needed.
  • 16 episodes from laying the foundation to putting on the roof.

This building also has two doors, a slight ramp to wheel heavier objects into it, and even a window.

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Keep in mind: If you want a shed that can be made to look like a part of your home, this is the best choice found within our list. With the pleasure of learning from a master builder, you will find that your understanding of the building process will grow dramatically when watching this series.

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